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Bighorn Sheep

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Nevada Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Nevada offers opportunities to harvest three different bighorn sheep species: Rocky Mountain, Desert, and Californian. Although Nevada gives out the most desert sheep tags, bighorns are some of the toughest animals to draw - often taking 15+ years to draw. Bighorn Sheep hunts consist of many hours behind binoculars and spotting scopes. These are the most coveted tags in Nevada, and it is very important to consider application strategy for this hunt of a lifetime. Some units produce consistently larger rams, so knowing where to go will help your chances of getting that once-in-a-lifetime ram.

When hiring us, you can expect 2 professional guides that will go the distance to turn up a mature bighorn for you. Make the most of this rare opportunity and allow us to give you a greater chance at taking home a trophy bighorn. Since these tags are extremely rare, hunts are typically scheduled for a minimum length of seven days and a minimum of two guides will be on the hunt. Click the button to get your chance at a Nevada Bighorn!


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